Thursday, November 4, 2010

Needing Good Homes...


These are two of the erstwhile 'Tiny Babies' who now are five months old and desperately need the best of homes. They are loving, intelligent and lively, combining the best of the Persian traits with the best of the Siamese, as do most of the Himalayan breed.

Persians tend to be very indolent albeit loving. Siamese tend to be hyperkinetic, very vocal and constantly filled with a sense of mischief. The Himalayan Breed was created by marriage between Siamese and Persian and my Himmys exemplify the traits that are characteristic of the best of the Himalayans.

These kittens do not have the pushed-in faces caused by deliberate overbreeding that lead to all sorts of health problems for poor Persians and Himalayans. They have classical bone structures and little heart-shaped faces. Both parents are pedigreed.