Thursday, July 21, 2011

Temujin, the Wind and a Shoe

On a very windy day, strange things have been known to happen. The Wind is an Elemental Spirit who can slam doors and toss furniture about on the deck, raising the umbrella over the table high into the air, even sending clothing and deck chair pillows over the side to land in the Neighbours' gardens.

What I did not expect, however, was that it could carry a shoe slowly and stealthily across the kitchen floor in an air-conditioned room where its effects were not felt at all.

Where I sat, I could see the wind tossing the leaves and branches of the trees and slamming the chair pillows on the deck back and forth. As all of the windows and doors were shut, however, it should not have had any real power in the kitchen. Yet, rather to my surprise, I saw a trainer moving very slowly across the floor, pulled by an unseen force.

It was not the Wind, but rather a Puttikin! Temujin, who has been re-introduced to the kitchen in the past couple of days, has become less and less terrified of the new environment to the point where today, he took one of the laces of a trainer in his teeth and began to pull it ever so slowly across the wood floor.

The sight amused me greatly, so I took a couple of photographs quickly. They are very poor quality but at least I captured the moment.

Next, I will explore Cupid's bizarre shoe fetish. He is entirely besotted with shoes, but they must belong to Freya and he is fascinated solely with the RIGHT shoe and never the left.

Note about Temujin: Temujin is the son of Ashleigh Attila and Beauty (Marmee), born 24 April 2010. Although he and Cupid share the same parents, they are not littermates as Cupid was born on 2 December 2009. Beauty will NOT be having any more kittens, however adorable they might be.