Thursday, June 17, 2010

Majestic Cupid

My pride and joy, Majestic Cupid, who rather fancies his position beneath the curtains.

Below, the two tiny Girls, whom I had thought would be Blue Cream Persians like their grandmother. In fact, they promise to be rather unique, as there is red and gold in their colouring as well as the cream and blue. They will be absolutely gorgeous. The larger female will have very long hair and be very fluffy, like Cupid. The smaller female may be more like her mother, Beauty, with long sleek hair.

I only realised this after I gave the smallest female a bath, thinking that the darker colouring on her forehead was dried milk... but it did not wash out and when I brought her into the light, I realised it was the same colour as the 'points' on her two colourpoint male Himalayan brothers. They will be Flamepoints like their older siblings, Cupid, Leo and Adoro. Hence the addition of a portrait of Cupid above. The colour of his ears, face masque, tail and feet makes him a Flamepoint.

The smallest female is the tiniest kitten in the litter, but the most intrepid. It appears that, in this, the feline world resembles human society, where the smallest, most delicate creature compensate for their size with enormous heart and courage. She has absolutely no fear of anything. When I set her on the table for a photograph, she leapt off the table instantly, while her sister sat rather demurely in perfect position. She then proceeded to dash round the room a few times. The kitchen is not large in human terms, but for a kitten of her size, has to be tantamount to Grand Central Station. Yet, she had no qualms whatsoever and set forth into the unknown without hesitation.

I am very excited now to see how the little girls develop in the next couple of weeks. I never have encountered this colouring before. I daresay there will be some white but what appears rather dirty white at the moment will darken into reddish-gold or true red.

I named the tiniest girl Iseult because she has one white paw and that brings to mind 'Iseult of the White Hands' from the legend of Tristan and Iseult. I only hope her life will be a happier one. Tristan never loved the 'second' Iseult, remaining hopelessly enchanted by the original Iseult who was the wife of his liege Mark. Poor Iseult of the White Hands loved him truly and loyally stood by him. On his deathbed, he called for the other Iseult...

I have called the larger girl Lyonesse for her wonderful lion's mane, even though female lions or lionesses do not have manes.

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