Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After Two Months...

It is difficult to believe that the Kittens are 9 weeks old now. It is almost impossible to take photographs most of the time as they move so quickly and seldom pose properly.

I have had a difficult week with them after giving them too much tinned food. I forgot that, like small children, the fact that they WANT something desperately does not mean necessarily that they ought to HAVE it. Until their systems dealt with the aftermath, I spent half of my time cleaning litter boxes as well as bathing them again and again... Poor little creatures!

Here are photographs of Dora, Cupid and Pumpkin. Another photograph shows Leo with two of his siblings. I need to take a decent photograph of little Leo by himself to add to the current Rogues' Gallery.

Leo and Pumpkin have inherited their father's physique and fluffy thick fur. They have the short legs and stocky body characteristic of the breed. Dora and Cupid have inherited their mother's heart-shaped face and her silky long fur. Their physique probably will be similar to hers as well. It is difficult for me to tell Dora and Cupid apart sometimes if the light is dim. The biggest difference between them is the colour of their points. Dora's points are lighter and her tail is almost striped. Cupid's points are uniformly darker. In terms of personality, each Kitten is unique. Leo is a lover, who will sit happily in my lap for hours purring. Dora is truly an Explorer who seldom is content to rest. Pumpkin is the watcher. He alone of all the kittens actually pays attention to the display picture on the back of the camera, responding to the images of his siblings rather than joining them physically. Cupid is the Hunter, which is why I may add Orion to his name. He is the one who growls when he captures a 'mouse' or scrap of paper. They ALL love to play, though and will thunder across the floor...

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