Monday, February 15, 2010

The Little Lost Pumpkin

I lost a Kitten today for the first time. Their playroom is rather small, so the chance of any Kitten disappearing from the room is next to nil, unless one managed to slip through the door before I shut it. I try to be very careful to avoid that possibility.

I went into the room to feed them and could not see little Pumpkin anywhere. He usually stands out from the others as he is the only marmalade kitten in the litter, and yet he was nowhere to be found. Furthermore, as every one comes to the door instantly when I enter, it was very odd not to see him anywhere.

These little creatures are infinitely amusing. After my initial anxiety, I discovered where he was hiding. I bought Beauty a soft bed a day after she delivered her four kittens. With the contrariness characteristic of cats, she never deigned to use it, nor did any of the cats or kittens... until now!

Some one had turned the bed over, creating a little cave beneath it. Pumpkin had established a secret hideaway there, a fort or military headquarters from which he would sally forth periodically to torment his unwitting siblings. I only discovered this when a little paw emerged and then the tip of a tail.

I watched them play for at least a quarter of an hour. They were like children playing a game of King of the Mountain.

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