Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exquisite Adonis...


Originally nicknamed 'Dora the Explorer' for her sense of curiosity and willingness to explore any and every environment, the fourth Puttikin almost certainly is male, making this a litter entirely devoid of females.

I have given him a temporary name of Adonis, simply because he is the most exquisite kitten I ever have seen, held or owned. His fur is softer and silkier than that of his littermates. His eyes are almond-shaped and tilted slightly, making them more beautiful. He is utterly exceptional in physical appearance. In personality, he is not as winsome or loving as Leo and Cupid, nor as enigmatic as Pumpkin. He certainly has his own charm, however.

The little carpet-covered pillar has been extremely successful. I need another one. In a fairly small space, it is important to include interesting furniture at different levels. Cats are 'social' animals and love the company of their own family and loved ones, but they need peace and quiet sometimes as well. The little cave beneath the pillar and the rooftop circle both are used constantly. The other post is not quite as popular. The box in which it was packed is considered as desirable by the cats as the actual post.

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