Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cupid and Dandelion


A few weeks ago, it was Leo who earned the sobriquet of 'Dirty Little Leo' when he appeared to have no idea how to use a litter box without stepping in the results repeatedly.

Now, Leo has elevated his lifestyle beyond that rather unfortunate habit but sadly, his brother Cupid has inherited the mantle. Poor Little Cupid. He had to have two half-baths this morning... Cupid earned his primary name because of his affectionate nature. It is typical of him that, after each bath, he proceeded to groom ME rather than drying himself. It was left to me to dry him carefully while he licked my face and hair.

As they become more mature, each Kitten develops his/her own nature and distinguishing physical features. Initially, Dora and Cupid were almost identical twins, but now the shape of their eyes has changed. Dora has the most incredible almond eyes but Cupid apparently will develop the same eyes that Leo has inherited from their father Ashleigh. Cupid and Dora share the long silky hair of their mother Beauty, however, while Pumpkin and Leo have the fluffy hair of their father.

A friend of mine told me in no certain terms that I could not name a kitten Pumpkin as 'every Orange kitten is named Pumpkin'. Well, there has to be a good reason why... and it is partly because the sound of the name resonates with affection. I have heard many a mother in the States address her (human) child affectionately as 'Pumpkin' or 'Pumpkin Pie'...

Very well. Pumpkin will be nothing more than his nickname and his official name will be something like Vicomte Dandylion. Incidentally, the Vicomte Dandylion lives up to THAT name, as he NEVER is the least bit dirty, unlike his siblings. Even Dora, usually immaculate, has displayed a dirty bottom on occasion, but Pumpkin is very careful in everything he does, whether it is a visit to the litter box or consumption of his food.

I am having trouble creating any decent portraits of little Cupid. He moves constantly and, whenever he is still, has his back turned to me. Here is one photograph of Cupid exploring a porcelain basket filled with yellow roses.

His brother Pumpkin is extremely photogenic as you can see.

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