Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty's Hidden Treasures

With Beauty's four kittens stashed in a very small cat carrier, I do not have the ability to interact with them as I did with the Puttikins. Beauty is desperately jealous of her privacy, probably because of the incredible energy of her older children, and the best I can do without distressing her is to catch a stolen glimpse of the tiny babies from time to time.

Beauty still is very content to keep them in the small cat carrier I 'remodeled' for her. I have offered her larger areas, among them a very spacious box with comfortable bedding, but she continues to keep the little babies in the carrier.

Here is a photograph of them as they appear now, a fortnight old. I am dying to clean their little faces, but dare not interfere. Beauty kept the Puttikins immaculate, but she had more space...

The most magical part of this is to eavesdrop on her conversations with her babies. She speaks to them in so many different ways and they all respond, each with a different little voice.

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