Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiny Kitten goes Walkabout

The five kittens are a fortnight old now. They were more heard than seen, in opposition to the old Victorian adage as to a child's proper behaviour in the home. Recently, they had developed a wide range of vocal responses and cries and Beauty always would respond...

One Kitten in particular, the largest white one, is extremely vocal. In fact, more than once, I fancied him to be in terrible pain or danger because of the piercing, desperate quality of his cries. In fact, he simply was vocalising his need for his Mum's milk... and possibly his increasing boredom.

All five kittens were nesting in a small cat carrier which satisfied Beauty as she wanted to have total privacy. This morning, I found the large white kitten outside the little carrier, not simply next to it but on the other side of the room!

He obviously had crawled all the way across the bare floor, either on a little adventure or in search of Beauty. All the Puttikins were watching him with fascination. Beauty was ignoring him, oddly enough.

Well, I felt that was an indication that the carrier no longer served any purpose. Their eyes had opened and they now wished to see the world a little. Moreover, I wished to be able to see THEM.

I therefore moved the lot of them onto a soft blanket in a secluded corner. I then created a little wall or barricade with a heavy quilt to keep them from leaving the blanket completely.

Whether or not this will serve is questionable. So far, I have found Beauty with one baby in a couple of very cramped spaces, having abandoned the rest of the litter at least temporarily.

No space, no peace and no quiet... It has to be extremely frustrating for her.

As a litter, this second litter is very different in appearance to the Puttikins. The Puttikins consist of three Flamepoint Himalayans and one Marmalade or Tawny Persian. This litter probably will have two Flamepoints and one Flame Persian who will resemble Beauty, but the other two kittens will be Blue Cream Persians. It is amazing how the same parents can produce such a variety of children.

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