Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Week for Cupid under the Tree

It is one of the smallest Christmas Trees I have had for years, based on finances and other practical considerations, but at least it is safe from Puttikins mischief, perched high above the floor.

Cupid has become very lethargic lately and spends most of his time when he is in the kitchen idling on one of the chairs. He even learned how to avoid total disaster when he uses the broken chair. At first, he would send the entire seat crashing to the ground as it no longer is affixed at all to the base. Now, however, he is able to land very lightly on it and he appears to prefer it to the others.

Meanwhile, the two photographs above that of Cupid are of St. Nick in his new home in Texas, where he is pampered by all. Here you see him introducing himself to the bird in the family... (He may not be able to spend too much time in close companionship with the budgie ultimately. Although my Puttikins tend to be the most awful cowards, a potential hunter could lurk somewhere within every cat's breast.)

Many thanks to Cherie and her family for giving St. Nick a home and for sharing the photographs with me.

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