Sunday, December 5, 2010

Puttikins, Plastic and Paper

What is the extraordinary attraction that plastic has for cats? All the Puttkins without exception love to chew on plastic bags. If the bags are hidden, which is the way I keep them now, they unearth them somehow, with unerring ability, so that they can chew on them. Plastic being inedible and indestructable, the result always is a nasty little mess that they chuck up in a corner somewhere.

Keep plastic bags away from your cats! There has to be some awful chemical in the plastic that attracts felines.

The other irresistable items for the Puttikins are paper hankies, paper towels, toilet tissue and anything else that falls into the general category of disposable paper products. They love to pull them out of my pockets and spirit them away. They will tear any paper hankie into tiny strips and wisps, but whatever they eat inadvertently in the process does not have any ill effects ordinarily, unlike plastic.

Finally, a temporary toy that always gives them delight is any little piece of cardboard taken from a box. Cereal boxes are perfect. If I cut or tear a tab from the top, any and all Puttikins will be ecstatic. They love to chase these little bits of cardboard across the floor or spin them. Lighter than an ordinary cardboard box, a piece of cardboard from a food product box is the perfect light weight for feline entertainment. Although I have bought them countless real toys, a tab from a cardboard box remains a special treat!

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