Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eve of the Winter Solstice

It may be vicarious motherhood, but I feel entitled, as I am the titular head of my feline family and I am their 'breadwinner'. I am their maidservant as well, cleaning the litter boxes, feeding them and making certain that they have fresh, clean water daily, sweeping the floor and removing lint from their blankets. None of these tasks is much fun, but they all are satisfying in a way as they contribute to the contentment and wellbeing of my Cats.

The real joy is participating emotionally in Beauty's motherhood. This morning, when I fetched the Cats' breakfast for them, Little Attila in the kitten bed actually noticed me. I am fairly certain that he saw me and knew me, although I cannot force any confirmation of this from the little creature. He is very alert and conscious of his surroundings, far more than the others at this point.

He does not cry when I hold him, but explores the sights, sounds and smells of his new environment, then takes a little nap without ever showing any sign of insecurity. None of the others can do this yet. They cry almost instantly for their Mother if I pick them up.

Now that her children have the power of sight and are no longer quite as helpless as when newborns, Beauty has assumed a new pose when she joins them. I think of it as the 'Goddess Pose' as it is very regal, yet still allowing her children access to her Milk.

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