Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kitten's First Real Drink

The Kitten who once was the 'White Kitten' now displays points, albeit far lighter than the two siblings who resemble him in a general way. The other two definitely will be Flamepoints. Although this Kitten has points that are lighter, they still may be golden rather than blue.

In any case, always more mature than his siblings, he lunged towards the little dish I had filled with Cat Milk about half an hour ago. Beauty had demonstrated such a need for food that I decided to give her a tin of Cat Milk to restore her strength. The four Kittens do drain her a little.

When I served the Milk to her, the largest Kitten showed a definite interest in it. I placed the dish in a strategic location and put him next to it. He immediately began to lap the milk!

The little marmalade kitten, on the other hand, simply bit the edge of the dish repeatedly and never really took an interest. I expect all four will be drinking liquids from the dish in a day or two.

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