Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Independent Soul

The White male is the Independent Soul in the litter. More and more, I see him moving in his own direction. While the others race to find nourishment, he stretches languidly or wanders off. He is not neglecting his nourishment by any means, but somehow he must satisfy himself earlier than the others. As one of the most aggressive in the litter, that makes sense. He then takes a nap off to the side, stretching, yawning...

His brothers and sisters often climb over him but this does not disturb him in the least. Beauty is a little non-plussed by the change in his behaviour. She will try to groom him to return his attention to her, but often he simply naps on, refusing to emerge from his relaxing pose.

I am beginning to wonder if the White Kittens will be Flamepoints rather than Bluepoints. Ashleigh is a classical Bluepoint but although it is difficult to tell what sort of colouring will emerge in the next two months, these white kittens could become Flamepoints, given the lightness in their colouring and their mother's colouring. I always fancied a Flamepoint Himalayan but one falls in love with personalities rather than appearance for the most part, and my Cats ultimately chose me rather than the other way round!

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