Monday, January 4, 2010


At the start of a new year, the four Kittens have developed new awareness and a heightened sense of adventure.

They were born on 2 December and thus are a month old now. There is such an enormous difference between newborn kittens and kittens who have reached a month's age.

Their hearing and vision now is keen. As soon as I enter the room, they begin to clamour for me. They attempt to leap out of their box and today, one succeeded in doing so. It is only when I place all four of them on my lap that they stop crying, but they do not settle down by any means. Instead, they engage in wrestling bouts and bite and scratch their siblings playfully. Today, Beauty actually leapt onto my lap as well with the Kittens and one attempted to nurse despite the awkward position!

They are so very beautiful, so perfectly formed, so filled with life. Every day with them is a joy.

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