Friday, January 15, 2010

It is Time to Name the Kittens

A name can have sacred powers. It can refer to character, to the circumstances of birth or simply be a favourite on the part of the person who bestows the name. In many ancient cultures, individuals have at least two names. One was a 'public' name, known to all and the other was secret, known only to a few greatly trusted individuals.

At 6 weeks of age, the Kittens have developed their own appearance and their own individual personalities. It is time to name them. Even if a couple of them go to other homes, they should do so with names that have been bestowed by me. Their new owners can give them new names, of course, but I feel it would be wrong for them to remain nameless until then.

Here are their descriptions:

The largest, fluffiest flamepoint kitten is a male and I intended to name him Attila, as he fit that name far better than his father, who was given the name originally. Some one else saw him and instantly gave him the name Leonardo. As the short form of Leonardo is Leo, signifying Lion, it seems apt, so perhaps he HAS a name now or two names if he is to inherit Attila as well.

His female littermate is the most adventurous of the four and some one who met her at the same time she met Leo declared she should be named Dora for the popular character in 'Dora the Explorer'. I wouldn't mind the name if an 'A' were affixed to the beginning to change it to Adora, as she is a lover as well as an intrepid explorer. She takes after Ash in that way, licking my face whenever I hold her. Should she be Adora or Adorata?

The third kitten resembles Leo but his points are lighter. Rather than being a definite flamepoint, his points almost are peach-colourerd. He is a little less aggressive than his brother, Leo, but not as 'watchful' as Firestar. His claim to fame at the moment is being the first kitten to catch the 'mouse' toy! He is very good at it and obviously enjoys playing with the toy, as he goes to it repeatedly to toss it into the air, then carry it off to a hiding place.

There is one little flame kitten, who is smaller than the others, more thoughtful and watchful. He exploded into action during the past two days, but before then, he was the one who simply gazed up at me and watched me, who sat still while the others explored and watched THEM. Now he is as active as his littermates, training in battle moves and exploring every source of food, drink or amusement. I tentatively named him Firestar after the Leader of the Thundercats in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter as he LOOKS like Firestar. Moreover, Firestar began his life as a kittypet and only slowly learned how to fight and fend for his Clan.

If any one has suggestions, please feel free to post them.

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