Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kittens on Display

Here is a current photograph of the Kittens as they appear when I interrupt their afternoon nap simply by entering the room. They are so attuned to me that they instantly awaken.

I had forgotten how extreme the behaviour of children (both human and feline) can be, how they swing wildly from frenetic activity to total exhaustion. Usually, my entrance is the cue for them to begin playing. They do nothing halfway. WHen they play, their energy is boundless. They tend to try to do things that are beyond their capacity, like climbing the walls (literally). They are endlessly entertaining but they leave a trail of destruction in their wake. They play and I have to tidy up after they race through their food dishes, splash through their water and overturn anything that they can manage to tip over.

The kitten stretching on the far left is the only female in the litter. The kitten to the right of her is the smaller male. The flamepoint on the far right in the northeast corner is the one who has been dubbed 'Leo.' He is the fluffiest in the litter.

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