Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Den of Kittens

The Kittens, born on 2 December 2009, now are almost six weeks old and suddenly have exploded into action. They are curious about everything. They leap and run, try to eat anything and everything within reach, groom themselves (rather poorly but it's a valiant effort) and train with their siblings.

What amazes me is the affection that they appear to have for me. As soon as they see me, they begin to clamour for my attention. Basically, it is neither food nor drink that they seek from me, but the simple act of being held. It is very gratifying. If Beauty were a negligent mother, I might expect them to have a strong emotional bond with me, but she has been an exemplary mother. I therefore perceive their affection for me as a bonus, something unearned but much treasured. It is now that I actually begin to EARN it, hwoever, as I am forced to clean their little messes, change their bedding and otherwise guide them towards independence.

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